Reactivate Expired Job Post

How to reactivate/reuse expired job posts:

  1. Access your Employer Dashboard by logging in to your account
  2. Select “Listings” in your Dashboard
  3. Above your jobs list, select the “Expired” tab to view expired listings
  4. Select the listing you wish to reactivate/reuse and click “More” to the right of the listing
  5. Options appear under the selected listing; click “Republish”
  6. Make any desired edits to the listing information
  7. IMPORTANT: Choose the appropriate pricing level for your program, then select “Preview”
  8. Confirm all listing information is correct, then select “Publish Listing”
  9. Enter payment information and select “Place Order”
  10. Congrats, your listing will be reactivated for 30 days


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