About Coachseekr

Coachseekr is the most comprehensive athletics-focused job board available. We bring jobs in all sports and all levels together into a single platform, making your search more efficient and more focused.

Coachseekr is the ONLY job board exclusively designed for athletics from Youth to University!

Search smarter, not harder with an easy to use searchable database with multiple filter criteria to easily find the athletic jobs you’ve been seeking!


About Coachseekr Executives

Coachseekr’s Executives are people who have years of experience in all levels of athletics.

Our team of Executives created Coachseekr as a result of years of frustration with the lack of a comprehensive place to look for jobs and have access to the best candidates in athletics.  Frustration with having to visit multiple sites for athletic job openings – and having to post ads on multiple sites to reach quality candidates.

Coachseekr is a game changer!  Putting athletic employers and top candidates together in one convenient place.

Our goal is to provide the best platform for everyone involved in athletics at a reasonable price with outstanding performance.


8 Reasons Why Coachseekr

#1 The only sports specific site with direct notification features

#2 Notification features continually alert you to the latest job postings

#3 Reach jobs and candidates nationally

#4 Filter criteria ensures the best match

#5 Premium features and tools enhance your search

#6 Easy, user-friendly interface

#7  Save time, money & energy with all your athletics needs in one place

#8 Coachseekr makes your search more efficient and more focused


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